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fecha 25 oct 2020

comienza 18:00 - finaliza 20:00

orientado Hombres y mujeres & Todas las edades

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Wood furniture terrace close to 100 Montaditos at El Muelle Shopping Center (ground floor)

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Every Sunday 10 people meet to talk about different topics in English.

If you want to join us send a whatsApp message to Miguel 630022556 with your first name, last name initials and the words "Debate LPA".

amigoslaspalmas is one of the tools I use to advertise this event so the number of people attending you see here it doesn´t match the 10 people usually meet. 

This Sunday topic is...


When you talk with different people about what values are more important often respect will be one chosen by the majority. No matter their age, gender, sexual preference or nationality. But then you watch politicians talking poorly about other politicians, people making cruel comments on internet about other people, football players being aggressive with other players, etc. It doesn´t make sense. Is it respect truly important or just a politically correct statement? Who is less respected in today´s society? Was respectful people more common in the past?

Punto de encuentro
Wood furniture terrace close to 100 Montaditos at El Muelle Shopping Center (ground floor)
Miguel Lopez-Madrazo Hello Sara...our Sunday debate meetings require intermediate/fluent English me again when you improve your English level...bye bye.
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Sara Nice to meet you.
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Sara It-s very interesting, I want to speak inglés, but I don-t remember, I don-t practique, my inglés is very bud, is in zero. In this moment my situation life has a dificultad problem-s... My name is Sara 😂 y fini. Pregunto por niveles por favor, para cuando pueda iré a ver si puedo coger confianza en grupo, ¿serás nuestro profesor? Información desde grupos por móvil dentro del grupo si es aceptable para entrar en recepción de novedades y encuentros, si es posible 600304631 Sara Gracias.
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