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The english club debate meeting

Miguel Lopez-Madrazo        Miguel lopez-madrazo, 51 TOP

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fecha 26 ene 2020

comienza 18:00 - finaliza 20:00

orientado Hombres y mujeres & Todas las edades

¿Dónde se hace?

At Restaurante-Terraza Pantalan
in Sotavento center (Muelle Deportivo area)

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The English Club is a group of people interested in socializing, enjoy good debates/films and improve their English. It is open to anybody with Intermediate/High English level (minimum B1/4th year Official Language School).

We advertise this free event using different avenues (www.amigoslaspalmas is only one of them) so the number of participants you see at this website is not real. Usually we meet around 10-15 people.

Confirm your attendance by sending a whatsapp message to Miguel 630022556 with your email address and the words -LPA debate-. 

This coming Sunday the topic of the week is... 


Muhammad Yunus had a dream. He wanted to help poor people and he found a way: microcredits. In the 70/80s he founded the Grameen Bank ("Village Bank") in Bangladesh so loans started to be given to entrepreneurs too poor to qualify for traditional bank loans. In 2006, Yunus and the Grameen Bank were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts through microcredit to create economic and social development from below". More than 94% of Grameen loans recipients are women. The poor are like a "bonsai tree", and they can do big things if they get access to the social business that holds potential to empower them to become self-sufficient. Is Yunus alone? Do people, young and old, have dreams? Why some people achieve their dreams while others not?

Punto de encuentro
At Restaurante-Terraza Pantalan in Sotavento center (Muelle Deportivo area)