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The english club debate meeting

Miguel Lopez-Madrazo       Miguel lopez-madrazo , 50 TOP

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 fecha 03 feb 2019

comienza 18:00 - finaliza 20:00

orientado   Hombres y mujeres & Todas las edades

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At Restaurant Pantalan
in Sotavento center (Muelle Deportivo area)

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The English Club is a group of people interested in enjoying enriching activities using English to communicate. It is open to anybody with Intermediate/High English level (minimum B1/4th year Official Language School). This coming Sunday this will be the topic of the week... 

Convenient monopolies

The Internet has enabled certain companies to become virtual monopolies in their fields. Google owns the Internet search-engine market. YouTube (a subsidiary of Google) owns the video-hosting market. Amazon owns the eBook market and a huge chunk of the printed-book market. In all of these cases, consumers and advertisers receive an excellent service, but at what cost, and at how big a risk? Does Google, for example, have the power to hold the entire Internet at ransom by threatening to shut down its search engine? Do the monopolistic technology giants make extra profits from selling our private information? Are we heading toward a nightmare scenario in which a handful of huge corporations control the entire economy? Would you sacrifice the benefits provided by these companies (low prices, high quality, efficient services) by breaking them up and stimulating more competition in these marketplaces?

Punto de encuentro
at Restaurant Pantalan in Sotavento center (Muelle Deportivo area)

Hector Ruiz Llano Miguel Lopez-Madrazo     Miriam Rodriguez   Jose Juan Pando Manzanares

Miguel Lopez-Madrazo Usually we meet around 10-15 people...Confirm your attendance by sending a whatsapp message to Miguel 630022556 with your email address and the word -debate-.
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