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The english club debate meeting

Miguel Lopez-Madrazo        Miguel lopez-madrazo, 51 TOP

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 fecha 18 ago 2019

comienza 18:00 - finaliza 20:00

orientado   Hombres y mujeres & Todas las edades

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At Cañas y Tapas restaurant
in Calle Torres 5 (Triana area)

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The English Club is a group of people interested in socializing, enjoy good debates/films and improve their English. It is open to anybody with Intermediate/High English level (minimum B1/4th year Official Language School).

We advertise this free event using different avenues (www.amigoslaspalmas is only one of them) so the number of participants you see at this website is not real. Usually we meet around 10-15 people.

Confirm your attendance by sending a whatsapp message to Miguel 630022556 with your email address and the words -debate at LPA-. 

This coming Sunday the topic of the week is... 


Nearly 50% of the world´s population (more than 3.000 million people) are poor. More than 1.300 million live in extreme poverty (less than $1.25 a day). According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. All people reading these lines are lucky not to be any of them. In fact we may be more worried about getting too fat. Are we really so selfish? Last week Richard Gere was in the non-profit organization boat named Open Arms helping 160 people who were escaping from their poor countries. Some voices were very critical about it, including Italian minister who asked "why is not this American millionaire flying all this poor people in his private jet and hosting them in his houses around the world?" Is Richard Gere someone to be praised or criticized? What is it the most efficient way to change this situation?

Punto de encuentro
At Cañas y Tapas restaurant in Calle Torres 5 (Triana area)

Miguel Lopez-Madrazo      Sebastian Hillebrand Adela